• better_man_new_album_preview
  • Talk To Me (Blue Words)
  • Bad Man (Paul Black and Taxi)
  • Little Mary (Blue Words)
  • I Did It Right (Paul Black and Taxi)
  • Blue Words (Blue Words)
  • Let Me Through (Paul Black and Taxi)
  • Slippin Away (Blue Words)
  • Piece By Piece (Paul Black and Taxi)
  • Breathe (Blue Words)
  • Fly (Blue Words)

What do I receive for my donation?

Donate $10 and receive a digital download of the new release.

Donate $20 and receive a signed CD of the new release.

Donate $45 and I’ll ship you an autographed CD and an official Paul Black T-Shirt

Donate $800 for an autographed black Fender Stratocaster, signed CD, and Tee-Shirt.

Donate $1300 and have the Paul Black Band perform at a venue of your choice ( kitchens and backyards included) for a night of live music. Also receive a t-shirt and a signed copy of the new release.

*Due to travel cost this perk only applies to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Willing to travel if the cost is covered.

Dear friends, fans and music lovers!  I have finished writing my third independent studio record, and I’m reaching out for support to help complete it. Here’s your chance to pre-order my new CD and show your support for Indie music!

In 2000 and 2010, I independently released records that connected with blues and blues-rock fans around the world, and for this I am very grateful. These records opened some incredible doors in terms of musical recognition, award nominations, critical success and international touring opportunities.

What I Need & What You Get

To fund this project I need to raise $15,000. The process of recording and creating a finished album is expensive. The costs include musicians’ fees, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing and packaging the CDs, travel expenses, distribution, tour dates in support of the album and equipment upgrades for my studio and live performances.

I’ve put together some awesome perk packages to offer you for your contributions, such as album downloads, signed CDs and vinyls, Paul Black t-shirts, band gear, and a private house concert! Throughout the campaign, I will also be updating contributors on the recording as it unfolds.

The Impact

For me, as an independent artist, your contribution will make all the difference. The music industry has changed dramatically and record deals (especially in blues/blues-rock) are hard to come by. Fan support is critical. Together, we can create some incredible music and push the genre forward into the 21st century.

Anything I raise above the goal will be directed toward additional marketing, touring, and overall promotion of the record. This could include shooting a video, and pretty much anywhere else you will see or hear my music besides social media (e.g., via ads, movies, commercials, or even in bookstores). So the more backers, the better! I’ve had a lot of fun putting these perk packages together, and I can’t wait to see who gets involved.

When you give to this campaign, your funds are directly supporting the recording, mixing, mastering, and marketing of the latest Paul Black ALBUM, and all of the talented people who help make it happen!


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