• Howl & Moan *New release*
  • Beautiful Sin *Title Track from the New release*
  • Living Like You're Never Gonna Die *New release*
  • Better Man *New release*
  • Let It Rain *New release*
  • Never Go Home *New release*
  • The Way *New release*
  • How Long *New release*
  • Losing Your Love *New release*
  • Brick House *New release*
  • Go On Home *New release*

Paul Black has released his long-awaited third album Beautiful Sin, an incredible collage of blues-based rock, acoustic soul, and a touch of funk.

With 10 original songs, a rousing rendition of “Brick House” by the Commodores, and a handful of excellent supporting musicians lending their talents to Black’s slow-burning, soulful sound, Beautiful Sin highlights Black’s prowess as a multi-talented musician, vocalist, and songwriter.